CITREX ™ Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser

CITREX is a heavy duty degreaser, orange citrus based chemical cleaner for both specialized heavy duty cleaning and every day maintenance. This pleasantly fragrant cleaner is formulated to include low foaming emulsifiers and degreasing agents in high concentrations. CITREX is concentrated to maintain high activity at various dilutions with water to effectively remove accumulations of built-up grease, grime, oil and rubber burns. Basic Uses: Use CITREX to deeply penetrate surfaces to dissolve dirt and emulsify fats and greases quickly and easily in food processing plants, meat packing plants, canneries, restaurants, kitchens, bakeries, dairy, cheese and fish processors where thorough cleanliness is critical. Use to clean ink rolls in printing plants. CITREX is also effective in removing grime, oil and contaminants from concrete, masonry or other surfaces in parking garages, truck and automotive plants, warehouses, industrial plants, steel mills, sewage plants or oil burning power plants. It is also recommended for use in warehouses to remove rubber tire marks and other contaminants.

FGS ® CONCRETE CONDITIONER Cleaner and Conditioner for Hardened, Polished Concrete Floors

FGS Concrete Conditioner is a proprietary concrete cleaner and conditioner designed for ongoing maintenance of hardened polished concrete surfaces. This product is highly concentrated and contains state-of-the-art wetting and emulsifying agents. FGS Concrete Conditioner is specifically manufactured to be used for maintenance of FGS PERMASHINE® Floors. FGS Concrete Conditioner is a mild, concentrated cleaner that contains a measured amount of chemical densifier to aid in maintaining the gloss of your FGS PermaShine floor. In addition to economically cleaning your floor, regular use of FGS Concrete Conditioner will help to restore slight, microscopic wear, called micro-pitting, that accompanies normal floor usage. Many cleaners leave a slight residue that over time may compromise the non-slip nature of the floor. For safety assurances, FGS Concrete Conditioner has been formulated to rinse clean and not effect the slip profile of your floor. Treated FGS PermaShine floors are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute as “High Traction”. This certification extends to polished concrete surfaces that have been treated with FGS Hardener Plus, and continues when maintained with FGS Concrete Conditioner. Floor safety is the number one concern of floor owners across the United States. Your use of FGS Products is an important part of a total safety program that provides floor safety to your company's employees and customers. The use of most common cleaners may jeopardize the non-slip characteristics of your FGS PermaShine floor.

DEBOND ® FORM COATING High Performance Concrete Form Release Agent

DEBOND is a non-staining, VOC-compliant, 100% chemically active, concrete form release for application to all types of concrete forms. DEBOND is a pale, fast drying, ready-to-use, sprayable liquid that is non-toxic and low odor. DEBOND forms a water resistant chemical barrier and reacts with the alkalis in the concrete to prevent concrete sticking or build-up on forms, equipment and accessories coming in contact with concrete. The resulting concrete is stain-free and residue-free, ready to receive paints, mortar, moistureproofers, plaster or other toppings. DEBOND is a specially balanced combination of highly refined fatty acids carried in a nonstaining, non-residual petroleum mineral oil. DEBOND is free of kerosene, oils, diesel fuel, fuel oils, waxes and resins. It is non-toxic and non-irritating. DEBOND's chemical action is not harmful to concrete surfaces. In addition, DEBOND resists rain wash off and will not break down under heat or sun. Forms can be coated up to five weeks prior to pouring concrete. Basic Use: DEBOND is ready-to-use and can be applied by sprayer, or other conventional methods. The film dries rapidly, reducing dust accumulation, is non-slip and resists normal rain wash off. DEBOND chemically reacts with concrete to prevent sticking. Forms strip clean, eliminating concrete repair. The life of the wood forms is increased and metal forms remain rust free. Architectural concrete is stain-free and residue-free, allowing varied toppings such as paints, dampproofing, and cementitious coatings to satisfactorily bond. Helps eliminate bug holes. DEBOND protects and maintains forms.


combines the dual properties of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, to provide significant benefits when alkalinity and bleaching is required. The combination of the 2 in 1 product, in addition to a high available oxygen content and high bulk density, allows OXYPER® S to improve detergency performance while reducing the need for additional builders and consequently the environmental impact of the formulated detergents.OXYPER® Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate has minimal impact on the environment, decomposing after use into water, oxygen and soda ash.

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