The main products are Calcium peroxide and Magnesium peroxide. These inorganic peroxides are fine powders that are very insoluble. In the presence of water at their natural pHs, these products decompose to release oxygen. As the pH drops, these products become more soluble and generate progressively higher ratios of hydrogen peroxide (active oxygen) to gaseous oxygen. Under acidic conditions, the available oxygen can be liberated within minutes. Depending on the pH-value, Ixper® shows two characteristics functions:

  • at its natural pH value: Slow release of Oxygen
  • at lower pH value: Release of H2O2
It is these characteristics that give rise to the wide range of niche applications.

IXPER® 70C Calcium Peroxide.

It is specifically designed to avoid dust generated from handling other calcium peroxide grades.Applications include soil remediation, soil amendment, water treatment, oil field applications and may others.

IXPER® 35M Magnesium Peroxide

is a fine white powder containing approximately 35% magnesium peroxide. IXPER® 35M Magnesium Peroxide is mainly used as a source for slow resale oxygen in soil and ground water remediation, oxygenation of the bottom of lakes and ponds as well as wastewater and effluents. IXPER® 35M Magnesium Peroxide is not classified as hazardous for transport.

DOXYPER® Sodium percarbonate

is an addition compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. It combines the dual properties of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, to provide significant benefits when alkalinity and bleaching is required.The combination of the 2 in 1 product, in addition to a high available oxygen content and high bulk density, allows OXYPER® S to improve detergency performance while reducing the need for additional builders and consequently the environmental impact of the formulated detergents.

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